Hot Spot

Friday, August 4, 5 to 8 p.m.

Billy Harvey of Runnin’ W Wildlife Center

UPDATE: “Hot Spot” GETS HOTTER! Many thanks to bronze sculptor Kim Kori for creating “Moonlight,”  and to Billy Harvey, owner of Runnin’ W Wildlife Center, located in Cornville, Arizona, for lending Kim the model, Moonlight, a rescued screech owl to sculpt. We are honored to have all three of them here, sharing in  this special evening.  Come Join the fun as we pay tribute to International Owl Awareness Day, on Friday, August 4th at Rowe Gallery.

“The owl is an unsung animal that people don’t see as they are out at night. They provide a service to us by being a natural rodent control. This day helps to bring awareness to the owl and its impact and helps people become aware of how some of their actions can affect them.”
–Billy Harvey

“Moonlight” – Bronze sculpture by Kim Kori

The dog days of summer are upon us, but sweltering days also mean balmy nights under the stars and in the moonlight. On August 4 from 5 to 8 p.m., during the Sedona Gallery Association’s 1st Friday Gallery Tour, visit Rowe Fine Art Gallery for Hot Spot, a special summer reception. Step inside the cool gallery for refreshments and to see the latest sculptures, paintings and jewelry from the gallery’s renowned artists. Award-winning Sedona wildlife sculptor Kim Kori has a new piece to share just in time for the sultry summer nights. Moonlight pays tribute to a small screech owl that lives in Cornville. Kim unveiled the clay sculpture last fall, and now the finished bronze is ready for its close up.

“I had the privilege of using a beautiful little Western screech owl from Runnin’ W Wildlife Center as inspiration for this sculpture,” says Kim. “I was supposed to release the owl but Billy Harvey, the owner of Runnin’ W, discovered he was blind in one eye. Since he couldn’t be released, Billy allowed me to name him and study him in my studio. I named him – as well as the sculpture – Moonlight. He was a perfect model and this is how I pictured him at night by the light of the moon.”

See the finished bronze sculpture along with other new works of art when you take a break from the summer heat and visit Rowe Fine Art Gallery on August 4.

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