Sue Krzyston

Sue Krzyston

Painter – Native American Still Life

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Painter - Native American Still Life

Surrounded in her home and studio by the Indian artifacts she collects and paints, Sue Krzyston believes these objects represent the "soul" of the people who create them. She says, "I strive to capture that soul on canvas. I want to make them come alive in my still life paintings." A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this gifted painter took a few basic art classes in high school.

But a career outside the art world diverted her attention from art for many years. Finally, in 1982, Sue decided to take a painting class. It was a life-changing decision. "I was driven from the first time I started painting," she says. Within one year her teacher felt she was ready for competition.

Krzyston submitted slides of her work to the prestigious George Phippen Memorial Art Show and was accepted. At her first show, she sold seven paintings. Within four years, she had won a Silver Medal at the Phippen show, followed by a Gold Medal in 1991, and another Silver Medal in 1992. Now a full-time artist, Sue says, "I still feel pure joy when I'm painting. I have loved it since my first class and have no desire to do anything different. I love choosing the way things go together, how colors mesh and complement each other."

Sue has broadened the scope of her subject matter by painting the artifacts of the American cowboy, and also more traditional objects, such as cobalt vases, fruit and lace.

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